Mineral Deficiency in Plants Cause Disease in Plants

Mineral Deficiency in Food Cause Disease in People

Restoring minerals in food will fix the problem…

Plants don’t make minerals

They take them from the earth

The solution is:

Do one thing we never did:

 restore the minerals taken away at harvest
to restore the Life to Soil 

to Return Nutrition to Food

Plants can only absorb ionic minerals from the earth 

and our minerals are ionic minerals

It works fast to provide minerals to plants


to rebuild the micro organism population so the micro organisms can once again digest rock to make minerals for plants

Our mineral solution re grow the life in the soil to make healthy food

What is our mineral solution?

Da An Natural Ionic Ocean Minerals Concentrated Solution is a complete liquid composition of many essential elements. It is safe to use, and has no harm to the soil and plants even it is used with over dose. It can improve the efficiency of azophoska when used together, and form a comprehensive, effective and complete forage system.

Our product is the Only Ocean Mineral Product with the Salt Removed

Salt kills the micro organisms in the soil

Our minerals have no salt 

Most fertilizers do not come close to providing the minerals provided by nature

Our Minerals provide practically all the elements in nature

Our Restoration Plan is Simple

Step 1 – Stop Poisoning the Farms

Let time and weather decrease the levels in the soil to get rid of the risk

Step 2 – Restore the life in the Soil with Microbe food:  Ionic Minerals

LIFE RETURNS TO THE EARTH = Robust Micro Organisms – fluffy soil

Step 3 – Don’t poison the soil again – RESTORE MINERALS YEARLY

Let nature work for you! 

Robust Micro Organisms – fluffy soil

Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium grow the QUANTITY of food

The micro nutrient mineral elements put the QUALITY in food

Minerals work together to growth strong healthy plants

Our minerals contain over 60 different elements to make fertilizer work better.

It works faster than any other other mineral solution