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Make yourself more healthy
Make your food healthy and nutritious
Make your garden fruits perfect
Restore your vegetable farm back to natural safely
without using any harmful chemicals
Make your tea plants in your tea garden more
nutritious, natural and healthy
Make your barren land healthy again
Raise your animals healthily and natural

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Da An Natural Ionic Ocean Minerals

Concentrated Solution

to Restore Nutrition to Food

Something is wrong

with modern food

that our mineral solution

can correct.

But first lets see what has

happened before we show you

how we can fix it.

The evidence shows that food is becoming

dangerously empty of the essential

minerals needed to maintain health.

There has been a rapid reduction in Soil Minerals over the last 100 Years

The United Nations Environmental Protection agency has identified that there is a Global Soil Crisis because of the reduction in soil minerals

Reduction in Soil Minerals
Reduction in Food Borne Minerals

Reduction in Food Borne Minerals
Increase in Mineral Deficiency Disease

A classic example of Cause and Effect

Sick Soil makes Sick Food – Sick Food makes Sick People

Food Nutrient levels analyzed since the 1950’s show that food is becoming dangerously low in essential minerals like Iron

Why is Food Empty?

  • Think of the gold mine.  Plants mine minerals out of soil to make food the same as miners mine gold out of the gold mine to make gold

  • Once the gold is gone, you can still keep mining but there will be no gold…once the minerals are gone out of the soil, you can keep growing plants but there will be no minerals in the food.

Analysis of many types of food shows a critical decrease in Calcium.

The reason the calcium is gone from food and soil is for two reasons. 

One is the calcium is taken away with the food crop over and over without mineral restoration

The Nitrogen provided few of the nutrition minerals, however, there is no effective products to provide many of the other required nutrition minerals to the plans.

The overuse of Nitrogen fertilizers that bind calcium and force plants to grow in mineral deficient soil. This cause malfunction of the plants in making healthy materials inside the plant. This is why the fruits no longer as sweet as they were, and vegetables are not as delicious as they used to be, and they are easier to decay.

Where the Nitrogen has been over used is the same place the soil has been degraded

Tests today show that chemically grown food and organic food provide the same nutrient content.

This has been used to make people think chemically grown food is the same quality as organically grown food.

It is not

Chemically grown food has toxic chemicals not safe to eat. 

Organic food is safe to eat.

The reason chemically grown food and organically grown food offer the same nutritional benefit is that both have been raised in fields that have been stripped of minerals over years. 

Both are empty.

But if Organic Crops are grown with our minerals they are much more nutritious than Chemically Grown Food.

Our minerals put nutrition back in food and they are safe.

Crop Testing Analysis
One Application Ocean Minerals

Food has lost its mineral content in a pattern that shows how it happened. 

Before 1930 healthy soil micro organisms digested rock dust to make ionic minerals for food production and did a great job.

After 1930 mechanized farming started taking more food from the earth than the earth could restore for the next year crops

Mineral content in food starts decreasing.

Yields went down and after world war II ammonium nitrate was used as a high nitrogen fertilizer.

It brought back the yields but the mineral content of food kept going down.

Because Calcium is depleted by high Nitrogen fertilizer the calcium was stripped out and magnesium became the dominant decomposition chemistry in the soil. Alcohol and formaldyhideare released and they attract bugs.

Toxic chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides were applied to kill the bugs and dripped into the soil killing the soil born micro organisms that digest rock to make ionic minerals for food production.

But now food has poison on it and even less minerals.

The depletion of minerals is a major cause of liver malfunction because sulfur and calcium are needed in the liver to detoxify toxic chemicals

The Liver cannot Work without Minerals

The huge increase in chemical pollution since the mid 1970 in addition to the decrease in minerals in food have caused a health care crisis that can only be fixed by repairing the soil and the food.

Food is where people get their minerals

Now with the addition of genetically modified foods and the use of the mineral chelator Glyphosate the ability of micro organisms in the soil to produce the nutrients for plants is eliminated. 

Food borne minerals have reached a crisis point.

The depletion of minerals is cause of the health care crisis. 

Minerals allow the body to stay alive.